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Code of conduct

AIIEC Code of Conduct


Being AIIEC members, we provide our services to families through a consulting practice that prioritizes the student's well-being at all times. Every member commits to upholding the following principles upon joining, and these principles guide the behavior of our members in their interactions with one another, families, and colleges. These principles are crafted to encourage and uphold the utmost standards of professional service and personal conduct.


Conflict of Interest

AIIEC Members are encouraged to steer clear of associations that might lead to real or perceived conflicts of interest and hinder their capacity to provide impartial judgment and guidance to the families they serve.


Agency Agreements

AIIEC Members should strictly not seek or receive payment from institutions of higher education to facilitate student placements with them. We are counselors and mentors to our students and work in their best interest as paid consultants.


Client Treatment

AIIEC members show consideration for variations in culture, individuality, and roles, and do not engage in or support discrimination based on age, race, gender, sexual orientation, language, religion, ethnicity, disability, national origin, or socioeconomic status. Our members are obligated to uphold the confidentiality of student records, notes, and client data, sharing confidential information only with written consent and when it is necessary for specific purposes.


Consulting Charges & Admissions Guarantees

AIIEC members are transparent and honest regarding the type and extent of their services. They must provide clear-cut written disclosure of fees and financial agreements before commencing services. Our members will never provide guarantees of placement or specific outcomes.


Honor Code

Members are discouraged from making negative, discriminatory or derogatory comments in public about any educational institution, university, program, their representatives, AIIEC members and staff, or other member IECs, whether through spoken words or in written or electronic communications.


No False Promotion

Members should refrain from using language or engaging in behaviors that could be interpreted as an attempt to exert influence over the admissions process, decisions, or any other interactions. All members are required to maintain transparency in their communication, both within the organization and in their interactions with the broader community. AIIEC will not tolerate any deceptive advertising of skills, services, or admission outcomes.


Public Announcements

When interacting with the public, whether through paid or unpaid advertising, AIIEC members are expected to present themselves truthfully, refraining from any form of misrepresentation in their communication. They should only assert specialized skills or expertise if they can demonstrate them. Additionally, members should refrain from contributing to increased anxiety or apprehension related to college admission.


Professional Development

Every member is expected to consistently dedicate time and effort to their ongoing education and growth, staying updated with the most recent advancements in the realm of career counseling and college admissions. This can be accomplished through activities such as reading, engaging in discussions with peers, participating in conferences, visiting colleges, establishing connections with admission officers, and taking advantage of our professional development workshops and yearly conferences.


Membership Certificate

All AIIEC members are expected to proudly display their membership certificate in their primary place of business, and educate their clients about their professional standards and investment in continuous professional development.


Laws & Regulations

All members must familiarize themselves with local and national laws regarding their business and must adhere to them.

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