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Professional & Business Development Community for Indian IECs


All India Independent Education Consultants (AIIEC) is India's only not-for-profit association of independent career and guidance counselors. AIIEC was established in 2022 with a vision to empower independent education consultants by providing resources & opportunities for business and professional development, while maintaining the highest standards of ethics. Membership in AIIEC is open to independent counselors from India or independent counselors working with Indian students. 

About Anchor

Membership Benefits


Counseling Resources

Get access to top-of-the-class counseling resources, training programs and exclusive professional development workshops. 


College & Vendor Connect 

Participate in close door meetings with service providers, vendors and admission officers from colleges across the world.


Discussion Forums

Discuss the latest trends in the industry and get your questions answered by others in the community.


To be an organization that supports the growth of professional IECs in India, as they meaningfully impact the lives of students.


  • Help enhance IEC business opportunities

  • Help optimize IEC business operations

  • Support continuously learning & growth of the community

  • Provide a platform for meaningful collaboration within the IEC community

  • Provide pro bono counseling to high-need, high-merit students


AIIEC Membership

  • Membership is open to Independent Education Consultants (hereafter referred to as IECs) based in India and/or IECs working with Indian/Indian-origin students.

  • Membership requirement include minimum of 3 years of professional independent educational consulting experience or 5 years of high school counselling experience, if transitioning into an IEC role.

  • Membership will be granted to an individual professional & not in the name of organizations or companies.

  • Membership will be granted only to founders/owners of the related IEC practice.

  • Membership will be NOT granted to university commission-bearing agents.

  • To apply for membership, the applicant must submit the membership application form. All applications will undergo a review for approval.

  • Annual Non-Refundable Membership Fees is INR 35,000 for membership period: April 1, 2022 - March 31, 2023.

  • For a member joining between: September 1, 2022 – March 1, 2023, the non-refundable Membership Fees is INR 17,500.

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